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The complete IBM i / AS400 report automation tool, providing information management, file transformation and data distribution.

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The complete spool file converter for IBM i (AS/400).

Rapidly extract, convert and distribute AS/400 data in report formats and integrate with third-party systems.

The complete collection of CoolSpools software, including Converter, Email, Database and Admin

CoolSpools is an IBM i / AS400 report automation tool that modernizes the flow of data from AS400 in report formats – and helps integrate data to third party systems.

At its core, the CoolSpools Suite is an information management solution that enables the conversion of spooled files (spool files, spoolfiles) and database files into PDF, Excel, HTML, text, XML and other formats. These files can be used for reporting (sent via email straight from the AS400) – or seamlessly integrated directly into third party systems.

CoolSpools can be used to generate XML format data from your AS400, for use in dynamic reporting dashboards and apps. CoolSpools can also be used to import AS400 data from Excel and other formats into your databases.

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CoolSpools is the number one data extraction, transformation and distribution tool for IBM i / AS400.  To see it in action, request a demonstration or download the complete suite free for 30 days.

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CoolSpools Benefits

  • Modernise your AS400 / IBM i environment with data tools that do all the heavy lifting
  • Free up your valuable resources and gain efficiencies in your AS400 engineering team
  • Gain valuable insights into your business operations with meaningful reports
  • See business data in real time with dynamic data feeds in third-party reporting tools
  • Save money by automating regular AS400 data routines and data management tasks.

CoolSpools Features:

  • Extract data from your IBM i databases directly or using SQL or Query
  • Import data into your System i databases from spreadsheets etc.
  • Record and field selection and sequencing
  • Use styles to control the appearance of Excel rows and cells
  • Use colours, fonts, shading, borders etc. and define conditional formatting rules
  • Generate XML documents, schemas and stylesheets from IBM i
  • Interface your data into other systems

Generate data extracts with a single command

CoolSpools distributes queries, reports and database extracts from AS400 to your users and customers in electronic form which avoids the need to run file transfers from a PC by creating Excel files etc. directly on your AS400, letting you generate data extracts as part of your batch jobs, just by running a single command.

All database file types are supported, including physical, logical and DDM files.

CoolSpools also supports input from SQL statements, SQL scripts and queries, allowing you to run a query and save the output as an Excel spreadsheet.

Generate XML files with reliability and precision from your AS400

The use of XML is becoming increasingly widespread so the ability to generate XML from Spool files and database files is a major advantage to AS400 users.

With CoolSpools, the process of creating XML files from your AS400 data is simple and reliable as everything happens on the AS400 server.

Download the CoolSpools datasheet

CoolSpools is a powerful but highly cost-effective information management toolkit for IBM i.
CoolSpools helps you give your users and customers the information they need, when they need it, how they need it.

Download the datasheet to learn more about how CoolSpools can deliver increased efficiencies to your IBM i environment.

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CoolSpools Suite now comes with CoolSpools Admin included FREE!

Automate your spool file conversion and distribution.

With CoolSpools Admin, spool files can be processed automatically as soon as they are created, as the system lets you define spool file monitors that “watch” nominated output queues for new files being created. There is no polling involved so the system loading is minimal.

In batch mode CoolSpool Admin commands let you select sets of spool files to work on using various criteria and allows you to apply a command or sequence of commands to each of those selected spool files in turn.

CoolSpools Admin contains a highly powerful and customizable “work-with” screen for spool files in the style of PDM, that lets system operators and users manage, convert and email the spool files they produce. It includes features to select spool files by user, outq, user data, form type, and creation date. Plus many more user-defined options.

CoolSpools Admin is now included free with CoolSpools Suite.

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More CoolSpools modules to consider:

CoolSpools Database

CoolSpools Database

Extract data from your IBM i databases directly or using SQL or Query.

Record and field selection and sequencing.

Import data into your IBM i databases from spreadsheets etc.

CoolSpools Converter

CoolSpools Converter

Convert spool files to PDF, Excel, XML, CSV, HTML, TIFF & RTF.

Converts IBM i, I Series / AS/400.

Splits spool files into multiple documents.

Merges or combines PDFs and Excel files.

CoolSpools Email

CoolSpools Email

Send emails from your System I using a simple command or an API.

Support for multiple attachments.

Support for long file names.

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