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CoolSpools Suite is our complete data management software collection. Easily convert IBM spool files to PDF, Excel, TXT, HTML and XML and more. Automate your conversion and distribute via email right from within your IBM i server.

CoolSpools software converts spooled files and database files from AS/400 to Excel, PDF and other useful file formats.

The software enables you to move away from paper-based documents and save time and money by distributing information automatically in electronic formats. It helps you distribute the data via email or directly into third-party systems. It allows you to extract AS400 data from your databases with SQL or Query and import data from Excel to AS400. See our guide: Creating Excel files on your IBM i

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IBM i AS400 spool file to excel converter
IBM i AS400 spool file to excel converter

The complete data management tool for IBM i

Rapidly extract, convert and distribute AS400 information to Excel, PDF, XML and other standard formats for sophisticated reports and data integration.

  • Extract data from your IBM i databases directly or using SQL or Query
  • Import data into your System i databases from spreadsheets
  • Record and field selection and sequencing
  • Use styles to control the appearance of Excel rows and cells
  • Use colours, fonts, shading, borders etc. and define conditional formatting rules
  • Generate XML documents, schemas and stylesheets from IBM i
  • Interface your data into other systems

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CoolSpools Benefits

  • Modernise your IBM i (AS400) environment with data tools that do all the heavy lifting.
  • Free up your valuable resources and gain efficiencies in your AS400 engineering team.
  • Gain valuable insights into your business operations with meaningful reports.
  • See business data in real-time with dynamic data feeds in third-party reporting tools.
  • Save admin time and money by automating regular AS400 data routines and data-management tasks.

Generate XML files with reliability and precision from your AS400

The use of XML is becoming increasingly widespread, so the ability to generate XML from Spool files and database files is a significant advantage to IBM i (AS400) users.

With CoolSpools, creating XML files from your IBM i (AS400) data is simple and reliable as everything happens on the IBM i (AS400) server.

Generate data extracts with a single command

CoolSpools distributes queries, reports and IBM AS400 database extracts from IBM i (AS400) to your users and customers in electronic form which avoids the need to run file transfers from a PC by creating Excel files etc. directly on your IBM i (AS400), letting you generate data extracts as part of your batch jobs, just by running a single command.

All database file types are supported, including physical, logical and DDM files.

CoolSpools also supports input from SQL statements, SQL scripts and queries, allowing you to run a query and save the output as an Excel spreadsheet.

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CoolSpools Database Icon

CoolSpools Database

  • Extract data from your IBM i databases directly or using SQL or Query.
  • Record and field selection and sequencing.
  • Import data into your IBM i databases from spreadsheets etc.
CoolSpools Database
CoolSpools Converter Icon

CoolSpools Converter

  • Convert spool files to PDF, Excel, XML, CSV, HTML, TIFF & RTF.
  • Converts IBM i, iSeries / AS400 files.
  • Splits spool files into multiple documents.
  • Merges or combines PDFs and Excel files.
CoolSpools Converter
CoolSpools Email Icon

CoolSpools Email

  • Send emails from your IBM i using a simple command or an API.
  • Automate spool files sent via email.
  • Support for multiple attachments.
  • Support for long file names.
CoolSpools Email

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