About us

Ariadne Software is a worldwide provider of IBM i software solutions.

Our tools help AS400 users automate and schedule reports from their AS400 data sources in PDF, Excel, XML and other formats – as well as distribute those reports easily via email.

About CoolSpools from Ariadne Software

CoolSpools is an easy-to-use, cost-effective solution that enables the automated transfer of data and documents to employees, customers, and suppliers. It provides software solutions for the IBM i platform and converts database files and  spools to Excel, PDF, and other formats, enabling you to move away from paper-based documents and save time and money.


Flexible and adaptable software for IBMi (AS400)

CoolSpools is flexible and adaptable, enabling end-users and ISVs to integrate it into their customised programs and software packages to enhance the functionality in distributing and managing data and documents.


Our customers and partner community

Many of the world’s most trusted brands have used CoolSpools software for over a decade to gain a competitive advantage. CoolSpools makes internal processes more efficient and increases productivity by automating manual processes.

Ariadne has more than 900 customers in 50+ countries, whose CoolSpools implementations span various industries, including Finance, Banking, Retail, Government, pharmaceuticals, and Manufacturing.

Our partner community comprises over 90 organisations, including; IBM resellers, software vendors, and independent consultants who each deliver unique solutions for their specific customer requirements.


Our managed services program

Our consultants, developers, and software engineers are on hand to provide data modernisation with the CoolSpools Suite of solutions. So, whether you are looking to generate a single report in PDF format – or a more complex XML integration – the CoolSpools team can help.


Our team

Based in Wilmslow, UK, Ariadne Software is a team of IBM i specialists with over 200 years of combined experience in product development and support.

We have attained IBM Advanced Business Partner status and are regularly commended by our customers for quality products and customer service.

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CoolSpools Guides, FAQ’s and Documentation

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CoolSpools and email addresses

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XML file

FAQ: Import XML to IBM i Database

How can I use CoolSpools to import data from an XML file to my IBM i Database?

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