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Training videos

Please review our collection of training videos below, each of which have been prepared by our IBM i and CoolSpools experts.

Each video addresses a different real-world scenario, demonstrating the steps needed to deliver the solution to a specific business requirement with CoolSpools.

If you have a business requirement that is not covered by the existing videos then please contact [email protected] to request product support, which may include the creation of a new video.

Webinar-based training schedule

CoolSpools provides solutions for all IBM i data extraction and report generation needs, as well as data transformation for beautifully crafted PDF reports, Excel worksheets and HTML output. In addition, users can export to XML format for dynamic reports and third-party systems integration.

To support our users, CoolSpools now provides training workshops for users, so you and your team can get the most from the complete range of features.

To review our schedule of forthcoming webinar training sessions please click here.

One to One training and support

For users that have a specific goal – or that want to do something more advanced with their CoolSpools software we offer one to one training sessions. These are aimed at providing insight into common tasks such as XML output formatting, importing data to your AS400 from Excel and other more complex tasks.

If you are a CoolSpools user and would like some one-to-one training with our team, please send your requirements to [email protected].

Training Video Collection


Convert Spooled File Documents to PDF

See how to convert an IBM i spooled file containing a document (such as an Order, Invoice or Statement) to PDF using CoolSpools. The example shown includes overlay of an image to mimic pre-printed stationery and appending of a standard page of T&Cs. The generated PDF document is also delivered as an email attachment.

CoolSpools commands covered are CVTSPLPDF, MRGPDF, GETSPLDTA and SNDCMNMSG.

Split an IBM i spooled file to Multiple PDFs

How to use CoolSpools to split and distribute a multi-page IBM i spooled file as multiple PDF documents.

A spooled file containing multiple payslips is used as an example, with the CoolSpools command CVTSPLPDF used to generate PDF documents, with an overlaid JPG image mimicking pre-printed stationery. A new PDF payslip is generated on each change of employee id, and a database lookup identifies each employee’s email address for automatic distribution of the payslip as an email attachment.



Deliver IBM i reports and data to SharePoint

This video provides a step-by-step guide to delivering database tables and spooled file reports from your IBM i server to a SharePoint document library in PDF or Excel format.

This is achieved by using a combination of CoolSpools commands (such as CVTSPLPDF and CVTDBFXLSX), an Office 365 shared mailbox and a PowerAutomate flow.

Import from text file to IBM i database

This video provides an overview of the IMPFXDDBF command, a powerful alternative to IBM’s CPYFRMSTMF and CPYFRMIMPF commands, which allows you to import data from a fixed position text file without programming knowledge and without requiring the creation of an FDF field definition file.

The command also allows you to select which rows to import, making it ideal for files containing multiple record types, and allows you to select and sequence the data columns to be imported.



Export a complex IBM i spooled file to Excel using a Map

This video provides an overview of the CoolSpools commands needed to create and maintain a Report Definition and a Report-to-Excel Map. Creating this CoolSpools configuration will allow you to easily convert the data content of an IBM i spool file with a complex structure (i.e. where the data is not arranged in simple columns) to an Excel spreadsheet.

CoolSpools commands that are covered include WRKRPTDFN, WRKRPTXL and CVTSPLXL. These commands will enable the conversion of any spooled file’s content to Excel, with control of Excel cell formatting by applying styles, and even distribution of the converted spreadsheet as an email attachment.

Coolspools managed services

CoolSpools managed services to the rescue

If you are struggling with a project that you think CoolSpools can help with, ask us to help with some or all of the challenge.
Our managed services offer consulting and technical implementation to help you deliver on your vision for AS400 modernisation.

Learn more about our managed services for AS400 report automation and data management:

Managed Services

CoolSpools Guides, FAQ’s and Documentation

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