One of the most commonly used document formats in business is PDF. It’s flexible, easy to distribute, and easy to create.

And if you work in an IBM iSeries, System i, or AS/400 environment, creating PDFs has become even easier! This is all thanks to CoolSpools spool file converter.

Developed by well-established global iSeries experts Ariadne Software, CoolSpools takes data straight from your spool files and converts to a wide range of file formats – including iSeries PDF.

Here’s what makes PDF such a useful file format—and how CoolSpools provides a simple, reliable way of creating PDFs from your iSeries spool files…

PDFs can be styled and formatted easily

You have total control over the appearance of a PDF. Fonts, colors, styles, images – all can be tailored to suit your specific needs.

And CoolSpools makes it all so easy. When converting your spool files to iSeries PDFs, you can specify fonts, text colors, and insert images in JPEG or GIF format. Simple!

PDFs can be password-protected

Your PDFs could contain delicate, confidential, sensitive information that you wouldn’t want to be seen by the wrong eyes. If so, password protection is essential.

And if you use CoolSpools spool file converter to produce your iSeries PDFs, they can be encrypted and password protected for your peace of mind.

PDFs can be locked and watermarked

To ensure the security and integrity of the information conveyed in your documents, you can make them read-only, and add a digital signature to ensure their authenticity.

And yep – you guessed it – CoolSpools software makes this simple! Your converted iSeries PDF can be locked to prevent recipients from editing, and a digital signature can be used to ensure your recipient knows it hasn’t been tampered with.

PDFs can be bookmarked or split into multiple files

If the information from your iSeries spool files results in PDFs that are many, many pages long, there are two simple ways to make your PDFs easier to navigate: bookmarking and indexing, or splitting the main document into several smaller ones.

CoolSpools software gives you both of these options for your iSeries PDFs. It can generate bookmarks and indexes, making large documents easy to digest. Or if you just want to give each recipient the section of your iSeries PDF that’s relevant to them, you can split your document into multiple iSeries PDFs based on criteria you specify.

Distributing PDFs is easy

PDFs are easy to distribute via email. But making sure the right recipients get the right PDFs is something that takes time if done manually.

CoolSpools software can even automate this process! Your iSeries PDFs can be emailed to multiple recipients, ensuring everyone gets the information they need, right at their fingertips.

Find out more about CoolSpools spool file converter, and its powerful iSeries PDF creation and management functionality, at