How to create PDF files in AS400 systems

Creating PDF files in IBM AS/400 (IBM i) doesn’t need to be complicated. This article aims to help you quickly convert IBM spool files to PDF or other formats with a spool file converter software.

CoolSpools ( is perhaps the most powerful spool file converter for IBM on the market – here’s how it can speed up your AS400 PDF creation:

With CoolSpools software, you can automatically convert your spool file to PDF or multiple PDFs, saving time and ensuring accuracy.

Splitting Spool files to create separate PDF’s can be frustrating. You have to find the right place to split the document and save each split PDF individually.

With CoolSpools software, if you specify where each PDF’s should be split (such as a change in invoice number or client name) then CoolSpools will automatically split your spool files and convert them into separate PDF files for you.

Without a spool file converter, inserting images such as a logo into report layouts is another time-consuming task, and these days, you need branding, images and photographs in your reports; it’s something you simply must do.

With CoolSpools software you can easily save your images as JPEGs or GIFs, and tell CoolSpools where they need to go, and the software will insert the image for you. That’s a lot less fuss to make your AS400 reports look as great as they read.

Without a spool file converter, merging PDFs is yet another tedious manual task (are you getting the idea?)

With CoolSpools software… when converting spool to PDF you can also merge the new AS400 PDF with an existing PDF document – even if it wasn’t created using CoolSpools.

Without a spool file converter… removing unwanted pages is a hassle. Find the page, delete it, find the page, delete it, find the page (repeat ad nauseum).

With CoolSpools software… removing unwanted pages is a cinch! Tell CoolSpools which pages to remove, whether by page number or by looking for a particular word or phrase, and BAM! They’re gone.

Without a spool file converter… you have to email each client their PDF individually if you want them to receive different information.

With CoolSpools software… you can email different converted spool files or parts of spool files to different recipients. Your clients, managers, or whomever you’re producing documents for will receive PDFs with all the information they need—and none of the information they don’t.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Not only does CoolSpools offer unparalleled power and flexibility when converting spool to PDF, it can also convert spool to Excel, XML and several other popular file formats. Learn more now at and start creating AS400 PDF files the smarter way.

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