XML AS/400 Reports

AS/400 XML reports: You may already be familiar with CoolSpools unparalleled IBM spool file conversion features, but did you know that the application also includes rich IBM AS/400 xml functionality running natively on the IBM i (AS/400, iSeries) platform?

Not only can you generate W3C compliant as/400 xml documents from your IBM i database tables, but you can also use the output of Query/400, QM Query or SQL SELECT statements as the source for complex structures of XML elements and attributes.  You can even map XML content directly from the data contained within a spooled file report.

The simple interactive interface allows you to specify complex nested XML structures with repeating elements, so your XML documents can be tailored to satisfy either your own organisation’s requirements or a schema provided to you by a third party. We believe that the process is simple enough for our customers to easily implement XML functionality on their own, but Ariadne Software do offer consultancy services to assist should project deadlines mean that you need to get up and running quickly.

CoolSpools software is already being used by organisations like yours to generate and publish XML documents directly from their IBM i servers. Examples include an American retail organization providing sensitive employee data to a third party payroll service using an XML schema specified by that third party, and an international transport organization supplying consignment data to their logistics partners multiple times daily.

AS/400 XML

CoolSpools can generate AS/400 XML documents onto your server’s IFS, or distribute them via email or FTP, and includes a variety of useful features, such as the ability to validate the content of an XML document against an XSD schema, or to compress the generated XML within a password-protected Zip file prior to distribution.

In addition to this XML functionality, CoolSpools also allows you to natively convert and distribute your IBM i data and Spoolfiles in a variety of other formats, including Excel, PDF and HTML.

CoolSpools is a valued IBM i tool for more than 900 customers worldwide, whose implementations span a diverse set of industries including Insurance, Banking, Retail, Government, Pharmaceuticals and Manufacturing.

To learn more about how CoolSpools can help you achieve XML solutions for your organization, please feel free to email us at [email protected] or visit our website: https://coolspools.com/