Kelly Spicers buck the trend: a story of business growth in testing times. How CoolSpools provided the key to flexible remote working.

The Client: Kelly Paper
Kelly Spicers is a major independent paper and packaging distribution company with ten regional warehouse locations and 35 retail stores serving the Western US and Hawaii.

Business Sector: Paper & Packaging Distribution
Kelly Spicers’ core business is commercial printing papers, but in more recent years it has diversified into growth areas such as wide-format, digital products, janitorial & food services supplies and industrial packaging.

Kelly Spicers use INFOR ERP A+ to control all core business processes, from accounting and sales to warehouse and service. They use the full CoolSpools suite to produce all their reports, with output in Excel, PDF, text and CSV formats.

The Challenge
With lockdown looming, Kelly Spicers needed to ensure business continuity by switching to remote production. Fast.

Download the Kelly Spicers case study here