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i-UG is the largest IBM i user group in the UK and it offers members the opportunity to keep up to date with IBM thinking and to connect with a thriving community of IBM i experts.

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Enhance your IBM i environment with CoolSpools, our powerful spool file converter and data management software and enjoy the bonus of i-UG membership:

i-UG Company Membership

Receive this 12-month membership when you purchase a new CoolSpools Suite licence. Company Membership enables up to 3 individuals from the same company to join the User Group.

i-UG Individual Membership

Receive this 12-month membership when you purchase a new CoolSpools Converter licence. Individual Membership enables 1 individual to join the User Group.

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CoolSpools Features

  • Automated conversion, distribution and management of IBM i spool files.
  • Save spool files from IBM i to any source.
  • Convert IBM Spool Files to PDF, Excel, XML, CSV, HTML, TIFF & RTF.
  • Split spool files into multiple documents.
  • Extract data from your IBM i database as Excel files.
  • Import data from Excel to your IBM i database.
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  • Merge or combine PDFs and Excel files to create sophisticated reports.
  • Add logos and images to give your files branding.
  • Send data via email from your IBM i using a simple command or an API.
  • Generate XML documents, schemas and stylesheets from IBM i.
  • Interface your IBM i data into third-party systems.
  • Underpin your efforts to modernize iSeries, AS/400 systems.

CoolSpools Suite

CoolSpools Suite is the complete collection of modules, including; Converter, Email, Database and Admin. CoolSpools Suite comes at a discount compared to purchasing each module individually.

CoolSpools for IBM i (AS400) gives you the power to convert spooled files and database files to physical file formats, including PDF, Excel, CSV, and XML. The software helps users move away from paper-based reports. It also saves time and money by automating the distribution of essential information in electronic formats, including via email.

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CoolSpools Database Icon

CoolSpools Database

  • Extract data from your IBM i databases directly or using SQL or Query.
  • Record and field selection and sequencing.
  • Import data into your IBM i databases from spreadsheets etc.
CoolSpools Database
CoolSpools Converter Icon

CoolSpools Converter

  • Convert spool files to PDF, Excel, XML, CSV, HTML, TIFF & RTF.
  • Converts IBM i, iSeries / AS400 files.
  • Splits spool files into multiple documents.
  • Merges or combines PDFs and Excel files.
CoolSpools Converter
CoolSpools Email Icon

CoolSpools Email

  • Send emails from your IBM i using a simple command or an API.
  • Automate spool files sent via email.
  • Support for multiple attachments.
  • Support for long file names.
CoolSpools Email
Workflow automation for IBM i

IBM i report management and workflow automation.

With CoolSpools from Ariadne Software, users can transform data from IBM i databases into highly detailed reports. CoolSpools can create reports in Excel, PDF, HTML, Text or dynamic XML formats. Users can also automate data transformation and distribution workflows, acting as an IBM i Excel add-in. Reporting tasks that have traditionally taken hours can now be performed in seconds and scheduled with our innovative workflow automation tools.

CoolSpools lets technicians automate data export into physical report templates, including branding and images. CoolSpools can also automate data exchange from one system to another and output essential reports in machine-readable formats via XML for more dynamic reporting in mobile apps, third party systems, and portals.

Simplifying AS/400 application modernisation

For those seeking to modernise their AS/400 applications from green screen to more human-friendly formats, CoolSpools offers a great way to achieve creative reporting from raw data. The CoolSpools XML toolkit means that your data can be quickly output and presented in multiple formats to suit your application and reporting needs.

Ariadne Software also provides comprehensive support, advice, training and managed services from highly experienced and qualified IBM technicians. We can also help you identify the best ways to access and extract your data.

IBM report modernisation
Workflow automation for IBM i

AS/400 digital transformation, managed in-house.

CoolSpools lets existing IBM technicians take control of data reporting and distribution. They will immediately be able to generate highly detailed reports from IBM systems to meet the evolving demands of business owners, partners and third-party systems.

IBM data extraction, transformation and distribution have never been easier. With CoolSpools, you won’t need external contractors to implement your data management goals. Ariadne Software also provides comprehensive support, advice, training and managed services from highly experienced and qualified IBM technicians. We can also help you identify the best ways to access and extract your data.


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