Here at CoolSpools ( ) we have been commended by our customers for our exemplary customer service. If you take a look at our testimonials page, you’ll find that customers not only love our products but they appreciate the service we provide them in exchange for their custom. It’s this high level of praise and appreciation that makes us want to constantly improve our products and service levels. Here are a few of the ways that we keep our customers happy and our software up to such a high standard.

Our Help Desk Portal

Login to our help desk portal and you can get in touch with us about any problems you’re having, ask our staff questions about our products or search our knowledgebase for information. We do our best to make sure our Help Desk Portal is user friendly, and we communicate with our customers to ensure it’s running at its best.

Access the CoolSpools support portal here

Numerous Contact Methods

We aim to make ourselves as available as possible. On our contact page, you’ll find you can contact us by phone, email, post and even out of hours via our help desk portal. In comparison to other software websites, we think we’ve made ourselves pretty accessible to our customers.

Americas: Call +1 (888) 228 2415
Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm | GMT / BST
EMEA: Call +44 (0)1625 547 962
Email: [email protected]
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FAQs for self diagnosis

If you have any specific questions about our solutions, your first port of call should be our FAQ section. We’ve written a comprehensive guide to what we think are some of the more common questions to help customers maximise the benefits of our software.  However, if you do find that your problem can’t be answered via our FAQ section, don’t hesitate to contact us via any one of our other contact means.

See all CoolSpools FAQ’s and Guides


In the downloads section of our website you can download the latest patches and updates for our products. We call these fix packs. We’re constantly reviewing and updating our products to increase their efficiency.

See all Coolspools documentation

Utilities page

Finally, we have added a utilities page to our website. This contains some useful tools that our customers find helpful when looking into issues, upgrading our products or researching new products you may wish to purchase.

We’re proud of how we interact with our customers and believe in giving back as much support to our customers as they support us by buying our products. We believe that it’s this support that has allowed CoolSpools to become successful.

One customer,  Jim Horn of CATCO, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA says: “Your support is the best. If you ever need a reference on your product (Coolspools) or your support, I would be happy to give it. If all support was as fast and good as yours, life would be so much easier.”

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us, email [email protected] or call us on +44 (0)1625 547 962.