Ariadne Software are pleased to advise our customers that all modules of the CoolSpools application have been fully tested on the IBM i 7.5 operating system, and the CoolSpools application was found to be fully functional without requiring any software updates.

Both CoolSpools Version 6 and 7 were tested successfully, and support IBM i 7.5.

License Keys

An operating system upgrade does not require a change of CoolSpools license keys, but please bear in mind that you may require new CoolSpools license keys if your upgrade also includes migration to new hardware, since CoolSpools licensing is based upon machine serial number. The license transfer process can be found here.

Virtual Serial Number

If you are planning to use an IBM issued Virtual Serial Number on your IBM i server (as introduced in IBM i 7.5 and IBM i 7.4 TR6) then this requires CoolSpools Version 7 fix pack 068 or above. Virtual Serial Numbers are not supported by CoolSpools Version 6. Please notify CoolSpools Support if you have plans to run CoolSpools on a server with a Virtual Serial Number.


IBM i 7.5 introduces support for a new data type BOOLEAN in database tables. The presence of BOOLEAN type fields will not prevent you from running CoolSpools conversions, but the CVTDBFnnn commands will not populate output columns with BOOLEAN data values at this time. If you do require conversion of BOOLEAN type data we recommend use of FROMFILE(*SQL) or FROMFILE(*SQLSRC) in order to execute an SQL SELECT statement containing logic similar to that below:

CASE WHEN booleanField THEN ‘True’ ELSE ‘False’ END as booleanValue

Security changes for IFS /home folder

If you use CoolSpools to place documents within the /home path of your IFS, then please take note of security changes included in IBM i 7.5 that may effect your users.

For details of other new features that were introduced in IBM i 7.5 please see the IBM announcement.