Withdrawal of IBM Db2 Web Query for i


IBM Db2 Web Query for i was first announced in April 2007 as a replacement for the Query/400 product. In October 2023 IBM announced the immediate withdrawal of IBM Db2 Web Query for i, with no direct replacement offered.

Please see the link below for more details.

CoolSpools Impact

Ariadne Software are happy to advise that the CoolSpools application has no dependency upon IBM Db2 Web Query for i, and is unaffected by its withdrawal.

CoolSpools as a Query Tool

We would also like to draw the attention of our existing customers, and any sites requiring a new Query Tool for IBM i, to relevant capabilities of the CoolSpools product.

  • Convert directly from your existing Query/400 queries to Excel, CSV or XML with no need to migrate or convert your queries
  • Use SQL SELECT statements to easily convert IBM i data to Excel, CSV or XML
  • Apply complex formatting to generated Excel spreadsheets
  • Generate complex structured XML documents with nested and repeating elements
  • Convert directly from your IBM i spooled file reports to PDF, Excel, CSV or XML
  • Save your converted documents to the IBM i IFS or to a network file server
  • Distribute your converted documents as email attachments

Please contact [email protected] for further details, or download a 30-day free trial.