Using encrypted zip files: If you need help with any of the techniques described below, feel free to contact our support team.

Can CoolSpools password-protect an Excel file?

No, this is not currently supported, because Microsoft has not published the necessary specification for Excel 2007 format encryption.

We could provide support for encryption of Excel 2003 format files, but that level of encryption is weak and its use is not encouraged.

A better option is to use password-protected, encrypted zip files to distribute files such as Excel spreadsheets that CoolSpools cannot encrypt.

Using zip files when emailing output

When you use the EMAIL(*YES) option to email a file from CVTSPLXLS, CVTDBFXL and other similar commands, there is an option on the EMAILOPT parameter to tell CoolSpools to email the file inside a zip. This helps minimize the size of the attachment you’re sending.

That option also allows you to specify a password for the zip file in which the attachment is emailed. If you specify a password, the zip file will be encrypted, giving you a good level of security.

Using the ZIPDTA and UNZIPDTA commands

The ZIPDTA (“Zip Data”) command that is provided as part of the CoolSpools Base option also supports the creation of password-protected, encrypted zip files and can be used to zip up stream files from the IFS or save file and database files from the /QSYS.LIB file system.

The UNZIPDTA (“Unzip Data”) command can unzip password-protected, encrypted zip files on entry of the correct password.