CoolSpools and Excel: If you need help with any of the techniques described below, feel free to contact our support team.

I’m running CoolSpools Spool Convertor or Database and am having problems opening converted Excel files.

Issues have sometimes been noted with opening Excel spreadsheets following the release of new Excel updates by Microsoft. This means that files which could be opened without problems by earlier versions of Excel cannot be opened in the latest version.

All known issues have been fixed in the latest release of CoolSpools Version 7.

If you encounter an issue with a CoolSpools generated Excel spreadsheet failing to open or reporting corruption then we strongly recommend updating to the latest CoolSpools fix pack level as a first step. If you do continue to encounter problems then please report this to CoolSpools support, so that we can take corrective action.

If Excel reports data corruption, then a workaround is to select the option to repair and open the spreadsheet. In most cases this will allow you to access the exported data.