IBM withdrew support for version V5R4 of the operating system on September 30th 2013. IBM i V5R4 remained available longer than any other IBM i OS release, partly because the upgrade to V6R1 or above involved an object conversion.

If you have yet to migrate from V5R4 to V6R1 or above, we have included the information you will need regarding versions, conversion and licence keys below:

V6R1-Ready Version

You do not need a special version of our software to run on OS/400 V6R1M0 (IBM i 6.1) or above. However, if you are running CoolSpools version 5 or earlier then we strongly recommend that you upgrade to a supported version of CoolSpools.

FAQ: CoolSpools and OS/400 V6 or V7

Object Conversion

Like all programs created on an earlier version of OS/400, you will, of course, need to ensure that CoolSpools programs are subjected to object conversion as part of your upgrade to V6R1M0 or above from a release prior to V6R1M0.

You can either use the STROBJCVN command against our product libraries or, if you are restoring objects to a new system, use the option to carry out the conversion on the restore operation (RSTOBJ … FRCOBJCVN(*YES) etc.).

See the IBM Information centre for further details:

Licence Keys

You should only need new license keys when the serial number and/or LPAR of your system changes as part of a hardware swap or upgrade. So, if all you’re doing is upgrading the operating system, no new license key should be needed.

However, it does happen occasionally that customers find they are told their license keys have expired after an OS/400 upgrade. We believe that happens if a scratch install is done or if library QUSRSYS (where OS/400 stores its license keys) gets overwritten or restored as part of the upgrade. If that happens to you, you just need to re-enter your original license keys by re-running the ADDLICKEY command you were sent when you first purchased the license.

If you no longer have a note of your license key(s), just contact our support team at [email protected]  and ask for a reminder.

Good luck with your upgrade!