When compiling reports, documents and presentations, it goes without saying that accuracy is imperative. If your reported stats and data are flawed, not only could it lead to professional embarrassment, you could also be responsible for bad business decisions – with potentially costly consequences.

If your business uses an IBM System i (AS/400) environment, there are powerful System i file conversion tools that can take your AS/400 spool and convert it to several different formats. Using such a spool file converter, accurate data is assured.

But don’t forget – as well as accuracy, great presentation is essential. And it’s here where Ariadne Software and CoolSpools shine.

Ariadne (www.ariadnesoftware.co.uk) are well-established global experts in all things System i. Their CoolSpools software offers a simple and reliable way of converting AS/400 spools to PDF, AS/400 Excel, AS/400 XML and more. Here’s why presentation matters – and how CoolSpools gets it right.

Documents that aren’t easy to read don’t get read

Businesspeople are busy. They need information quickly, accurately and in a way that they can digest fast. If your converted spools need a degree in cryptology to follow, they’ll be ignored. Manually manipulating the AS/400 output is one solution, but it’s incredibly time-consuming.

With CoolSpools, you have complete control over the formatting. Need to convert spool to Excel? No problem – and you can easily add styles and conditional formatting to make your System i Excel files easy to follow. Want to convert AS/400 to PDF? Easy! And you can create an index to make your document so easy to follow. You can also split your System i PDF or Excel files into multiple documents, combine them with existing documents, and tell CoolSpools what to leave out and what to leave in – making sure the recipient gets all the info they need, and only the info they need.

Stay on brand and retain your corporate identity

In today’s business world, branding is paramount. While it may be of little importance in your role, the marketing team will explode with rage if the documents you present don’t adhere to brand guidelines – especially they are to be circulated outside the business.

CoolSpools will ensure your converted spools won’t offend your brand police. If you covert spool to PDF, it’s so easy to incorporate images and logos in JPEG or GIF format, as well as ensuring you’re using the correct typefaces. Not only will the recipient of your iSeries PDF be impressed with the accuracy of information – they’ll also be delighted you’ve stayed on brand!

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to CoolSpools, the complete information management system for IBM System i.

For more information on how you can convert spool to PDF, AS/400 Excel or iSeries XML using CoolSpools’ simple spool file conversion software, and the many other wonderful features CoolSpools can offer you, visit www.ariadnesoftware.co.uk.