CoolSpools License Transfer Guide:

We are moving to a new machine. Can we transfer our CoolSpools software to it?

Yes, not only can this be done, but the CoolSpools License Transfer is free of charge so long as your Support and Maintenance contract is up to date and the transfer can be completed within 30 days. See these instructions for the technical procedure to be followed in order to migrate CoolSpools between systems.

Do we need new license keys?

Almost certainly. Unless the new machine has exactly the same serial number and LPAR number as your old one then you will need new license and support keys. Even if the serial number and LPAR are unchanged, you will still need to re-enter your current license and support keys on the new machine.

In order for us to issue you with new license keys, please complete our license transfer request form, making sure to include each system/LPAR from which one or more licenses are to be transferred.

How long can we run CoolSpools in parallel on the old and new systems?

We will issue you with temporary 30 day license keys for your new system to allow time for the transfer to take place. Permanent keys will only be issued for your new system once CoolSpools has been removed from your old system.

If you need to run CoolSpools in parallel on the two systems for longer than 30 days (e.g. as part of an extended migration project) then please contact us to discuss rental options.

Our new server uses a Virtual Serial Number. Is that an issue?

We strongly suggest contacting CoolSpools Support if you are planning to run CoolSpools on a server with a Virtual Serial Number. As CoolSpools licensing is based upon serial number and LPAR number, a CoolSpools enhancement was needed to introduce support for the Virtual Serial Number. Only CoolSpools Version 7 includes support for VSNs – if your CoolSpools software is older than CoolSpools Version 7 Fix Pack 068 then we strongly recommend upgrading to the latest CoolSpools version and Fix Pack in advance of your hardware migration, to prevent licensing issues with your CoolSpools software.

We are moving to a Cloud hosted server. Are there additional requirements?

No, there is no difference between CoolSpools licensing on a Cloud hosted server and an on-premise IBM i server.

We are upgrading the OS version of our machine. Do we need new license keys?

No, the CoolSpools licensing is not linked to OS version, so new license keys will not be required unless your upgrade also involves a move to new hardware.