IBM i Spool to Excel File

Don’t you wish someone would invent an easier way to convert IBM i spool & database files into Excel documents automatically , with the cells already formatted correctly, with the data appended to last month’s data and with the reports automatically emailed to your management team? Then here’s some excellent news – if you work in an IBM i environment, someone already has…

CoolSpools ( software has been developed by experts in all things IBM i. One of its many useful features is IBM i to Excel file conversion. Here’s how it can help you…

What do you mean by “IBM i to Excel file conversion”?

Put simply: CoolSpools is a conversion tool that takes the data from your spool and database files and converts it into a variety of file formats. One of the functions CoolSpools can perform is IBM i Spool File to Excel conversion – taking the data from your spool files and converting spool to Excel.

But I’ll still have to spend hours formatting my data to make it readable.

Not at all. CoolSpools doesn’t just convert spool files and database files to Excel – it can also format the outputted Excel documents too. Colours, fonts, borders – you name it, CoolSpools software does it. It can even carry out conditional formatting.

That’s great. But I need to split out my master spool file into multiple different documents – and email them to multiple recipients. That’s such a chore.

Indeed it is. But not with CoolSpools. Tell CoolSpools where to split the document (perhaps at invoice number or customer name) and it’ll do it for you. No need to manually manipulate your Excel documents at all! It can manage emailing your Excel documents to several recipients. Everyone gets everything they need – and nothing they don’t.

Amazing. But sometimes I have the opposite issue – I need to append new data to existing spreadsheets as new worksheets.

No problem – CoolSpools has this covered too.

Even with Excel documents that weren’t created using CoolSpools software?

Yes. And as far as we’re aware, no other IBM i spool file converter offers this incredibly useful functionality.

Sounds great… but is there anything else CoolSpools does other than carry out IBM i files to Excel conversion?

Indeed. CoolSpools can also convert spool files to PDF, XML and a whole host of other file formats. However, you need to present your data, and whatever format you need, CoolSpools is sure to have a solution for you.

I’m sold! So, how do I order CoolSpools software?

Easy. Head to now to find out more about its IBM i Spool and Database file conversion and its many other flexible capabilities.