Paperless Office with the AS/400

AS/400: Over the last few decades, how many times have we been promised a paperless office? A utopian way of working with all documents stored and shared electronically? Yet for most of us, our desks are still overflowing with piles of paper. But with today’s spool file conversion technology, it doesn’t have to be this way.

If your business uses an IBM System i server (formerly and more commonly known as the AS/400 series), you can convert its spooled files to a wide variety of other popular document formats, which can then be easily shared and viewed electronically. However, to produce these documents, you need the right information management software.

Introducing CoolSpools, a powerful spool file converter. CoolSpools is a flexible product designed by Ariadne Software (, who are a well-established, global provider of information solutions for System i environments.

CoolSpools software makes converting AS/400 spool files to Excel, PDF, XML and other document types a simple, reliable task.

Here are just some of the ways using the CoolSpools spool converter can make sharing, distributing and understanding information so much easier…

Convert spool to Excel 

Outputting AS/400 Excel is perfect if you need to produce and share sales data or other financial reports. CoolSpools software offers powerful manipulation tools to make your System i Excel documents readable and understandable, such as splitting your spooled files into multiple Excel tabs or multiple Excel documents. CoolSpools even supports formatting your AS/400 Excel documents for easier reading, with colors, fonts, shadings, borders and even conditional formatting all supported.

Convert spool to PDF 

CoolSpools can also output AS/400 PDF documents. But it does so much more than simply convert your spool file to PDF. You can set parameters to split your PDFs into multiple documents, using criteria such as customer number or region. You can append your System i PDF to an existing PDF, even if it wasn’t created by CoolSpools. And you can even password protect your iSeries PDF, so sensitive data will only be seen by the people you want to see it.

Output spool file as XML 

You can also convert AS/400 to XML, then use your iSeries XML files to import data into web applications. By producing AS/400 XML from your spooled files, you won’t have to input or reprogram the data – saving you time and money.

Of course, all document formats converted from your iSeries spools can easily be shared and viewed digitally – so why bother with paper?

So to save time, save money and finally banish paper documents to the trashcan of history, take a look at CoolSpools’ powerful System i file conversion solutions.

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