Check XML files

CoolSpools has long provided the ability to convert from an IBM i (AS400 XML, iSeries) SpoolFile, Query or database table to XML, but did you know that as well as generating XML files on your IFS or network folders, CoolSpools will now allow you to validate XML against an XSD schema?

The recently introduced command CHKXML runs natively on the IBM i platform to validate the content of an XML file against an XSD schema, issuing a trappable error message if parsing is unsuccessful and optionally generating a SpoolFile report detailing the schema error that caused validation to fail.

The command can be used to validate those XML files created using CoolSpools conversion commands, but can also be used to check XML documents that have been generated by your own processes or received from another organisation.

CHKXML is included in new All Options or Database Option installations of CoolSpools Version 7. Existing CoolSpools sites should apply the latest Version 7 fix pack to make use of the new XML validation functionality.