CoolSpools FTP command

The aim of CoolSpools is to enable IBM System i (AS400, iSeries) users to produce the right information, at the right time, and, just as importantly, in the right format.

CoolSpools for IBM System i converts spool files and database files to PDF, Excel, CSV, XML, HTML and other formats, enabling you to move away from paper-based documents and save time and money by distributing information automatically in electronic formats.

Ariadne have always periodically enhanced the existing CoolSpools functionality and added new commands, which are released using the CoolSpools PTF/Fix process. We have a recently released a new ‘FTPPUT’ command in our base module which simplifies the FTPing of files from the IBM System i.

The new FTP command can be used to transfer any file from the IBM System i and is not restricted to files created by CoolSpools. It makes FTP file transfers easier for users because it is not dependent on programming skills.

Using FTPPUT you can now include the file transfer as part of a multiple step process. For example, in one sequence you can create an Excel file by merging multiple spool files into one, apply password protection to the spreadsheet and then FTP the resulting file to another server.

To take full advantage of this new command we recommend installing All Options of CoolSpools Version 7.  Existing CoolSpools sites should apply the latest Version 7 fix pack to make use of the new FTP command.