There is a lot of uncertainty right now due to the coronavirus pandemic in all parts of the world; across all industry sectors, our IBM i community is having to work remotely at home. Coolspools software can help your business. Remote working is normal for some but when an organisation has to facilitate remote working for all, it is a challenge to their IT infrastructure and their IT budget.

With the IT team providing additional support to remote end-users and IT budgets being redirected towards collaboration & remote desktop tools, customers are looking to their existing solutions to deliver more functionality.

Implementing CoolSpools in your organisation is a way of getting more out of the IBM i applications you already have and will ensure you support home workers with the information they need to do their job.

Coolspools software

CoolSpools is an easy to use, cost-effective solution which enables the automated transfer of data and documents to employees, customers and suppliers. It provides software solutions for the IBM i platform and converts database files and converts spool to Excel, PDF and other formats, enabling you to move away from paper-based documents and save time and money.

CoolSpools is both flexible and adaptable; enabling end-users and ISV’s to easily integrate it into their bespoke programs and software packages to enhance the functionality in distributing and managing data and documents.

We have attained IBM advanced Business Partner status and are regularly commended by our customers for the quality of products and customer service.

CoolSpools can be configured to convert your printed output to PDF format. These PDF’s can automatically be re-routed via email to customers and suppliers which avoids the need for your team to be in the office to print Checks, Invoices, and Statements.

Customer feedback in 2020; “Coolspools is really helping us during remote working and is worth its weight in gold!”

For a free trial of CoolSpools simply visit our download page.