What is the difference between a CoolSpools License Key and Support Key?

CoolSpools License and Support Keys: There are two types of keys associated with the operation of CoolSpools on your server. These are easily confused, so this page sets out to explain the difference between them. Both types of CoolSpools key are issued by module for a specific IBM i serial number and partition (LPAR).

License Keys

License keys are needed to allow each CoolSpools module to operate. When you first download CoolSpools it is supplied with 30 day temporary licence keys in order to allow evaluation of the product. On purchase of the CoolSpools software you will automatically be issued with license keys to allow continued use of the product beyond the evaluation period.

License keys are applied using the command ADDLICKEY.

Support Keys

Support keys are needed to perform CoolSpools maintenance activities, such as downloading and applying fix packs. You can continue to use the CoolSpools product without a support key, but will be unable to take advantage of the latest fixes and enhancements to the product. A support key is issued annually when payment is received for support and maintenance. As the first year of support and maintenance is included with the initial purchase of the software, you will receive your initial support keys with the license keys.

Support keys are applied using the command SAVSUPKEY.

How can I tell what keys are installed on my server?

The CoolSpools supplied command DSPPRDINF allows you to see the current status and expiry date of both license and support keys.