If you need help with any of the system i email troubleshooting techniques described below, feel free to contact our support team.

My emails are being sent/aren’t being delivered: how can I work out why?

Some of the emails I’m sending aren’t being received: what can I do about it?

You need to make sure that you can detect and respond to email issues when they arise. You must expect there to be problems when communicating with customers and users by email, as, in the real world, email addresses will be mis-keyed by your users and customers will not always inform you when they change their email addresses or your contact leaves the company and is replaced. You need to make sure you have procedures in place to detect and respond to failed emails.

The steps you need to follow to setup system i email, as well as some tips for managing and troubleshooting system i email, are explained in our Email Setup Guide.

Additional links related to setting up and managing email on the system i can be found on our Email Setup page.