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Can CoolSpools produce PDF-A?

Yes, there is an option for this on the PDF parameter of the CVTSPLPDF command.

PDF/A is ISO standard 19005 for document archiving. See the PDF/A Competence Center for further details of the PDF/A standard.

PDF/A specifies two levels of compliance:

  • PDF/A-1a: Level A complianceIn addition to exact visual reproduction, this also includes mapping text to Unicode and structuring of the document content
  • PDF/A-1b: Level B complianceexact visual reproduction

To request that CoolSpools should create a PDF/A-compliant PDF, specify *PDFA on the element named Compliant with PDF standard of the PDFparameter of the CVTSPLPDF command.

To specify the level of compliance (Level 1A or Level 1 B), specify either *LEVEL1A or *LEVEL1B for the element named Conformance level just below that on the same parameter.

Note that it is a requirement of the PDF/A standards that all fonts used should be embedded in the PDF file and it is therefore mandatory to use FONT(*EMBED) when PDF/A is requested. See the FAQ answer on fonts for further details of font embedding.